Monday, September 28, 2015

Day 4: Settling in to the Groove of Service

As this was our second day of service, we really started to get the hang of our tasks and duties to be accomplished for the day, but not before our morning stretches and meditation exercises, of course! Avishai walked us through different movements to prepare our minds and bodies for the wonderful day ahead. 

We divided into smaller groups and worked with some of the kids to continue either organic composting or working to preparing the exterior walls for painting. Both tasks were physically challenging at times, but the end result was well worth it! 

After completing our tasks for the day, we took a break for a late lunch to celebrate the birthday of one of the older girls. The cooks prepared a special meal of mixed rice and papas rellenas, which was amazing!

The afternoon was spent getting to know the kids. We spent a good hour or so playing soccer with most of the boys, who would be considered pro soccer players compared to our skills! The game was full of laughter and high fives. It might have been hard to communicate with some of the children at times, but being able to connect with them through their love of soccer was truly a great experience.

Before leaving, we decided to wind down and play a quick game of charades with both the girls and boys. It was a great ice breaker to get to know the kids better by learning their favorites movies, music, and books. 

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