Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 3: Niños del Sol

Our first day of service at Niños del Sol was far beyond our expectations with all of the love we received from the hosts and children. 

As we waited for our transportation to Ninos, we stumbled up a llama who we all couldn't resist taking a picture with. 

Once we arrived, we began our morning with a tour of the grounds, led by a few of the kids who were apart of the Ninos family. After exploring the beautiful gardens, meditation rooms, and the treehouse, with sat down with the directors of Ninos to discuss our exciting plans for the week. We then split up into groups, with gardening and composting as one task and scraping old paint off the outdoor walls another.


 Those of us who learning how to compost became 'one with nature' as we learned the proper layering techniques and ingredients for our rich compost 'cake'. 

The girls responsible for scrapping paint worked hard to prepare the walls for a new coat of paint. 

We then enjoyed a delicious, traditional Peruvian meal with all of the children, as we begun to learn their names and some of their favorite activities. 

After lunch and a relaxing meditation experience, we embarked on a hike up the mountains of Chicon. This mountain climb was quite the bonding experience, as we took multiple breaks, contemplated going back down, and worked our best to keep up with the kids. However once we reached the top of our climb, the view was spectacular! This incredible view of the valley made the entire climb a worthwhile and memorable experience. 

Our first day of service was a success! So after another tasty dinner at Milhouse, we got ready for bed--excited to take on our second day of volunteering!

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