Thursday, October 12, 2017

Day 12: Goodbye Argentina! Hello USA!

On day 12, we spent the day getting ready to head back to the states and departed in the afternoon for the airport. Many of us had established a card playing routine in the evenings during the trip, and we decided to play while waiting for the flight.

The trip was an eye opening experience to both the Argentinian culture and the hardships that many developing countries struggle with. The children were so very excited by us and we absolutely enjoyed interacting with them.

Adios Argentina until next time!!

The WINS girls.

Day 11: La Boca walking tour and a day of leisure

On day 11, we all were able to choose different activities that included climbing the Dante Inferno's tower in Buenos Aires and exploring La Boca.

La Boca was established 150 years ago by immigrants from all over the world that poured into Buenos Aires. Most of them were Italian from the city of Genova who settled in Law Boca, giving birth to an industrious working class neighborhood. The immigrants painted their houses with any colors that were left over from the industrial activities and a bright and colorful part of the city was born.

Day 10: Shopping, shopping, and a Tango Show

On day 10,  we were able to sleep in for the first time and do a leisure day of exploring the city around the hostel, including the Casa Rosa (the Pink House) where the sitting President lives,  and shopping at the largest street market in Buenos Aires.

In the evening, we experienced a Tango show with live dancers, singers, and musicians. This included a tango lesson before the show started and a three course meal. The show recounted the history of tango from its very beginnings in five memorable scenes. The menu included free Argentinian wine (for those who were interested in tasting it).

Day 9: Day trip to Colonia (Uruguay)

After getting up around seven am, we got ready to spend the day in Colonia, Uruguay. We took a ferry from Argentina that lasted about an hour and arrived to the beautiful coastal town of Colonia. Colonia is located on the other side of the Rio de La Plata and has a antique and small town feel.

We were able to spend the day exploring the town and buying souvenirs for loved one back home. Lunch was provided in a restaurant that had a live performance of many South American classics.

In the evening, we watched the sunset on the beach and had a new friend follow us all the way back to the ferry station (a local dog). Some of the girls met a local Argentinian girl while waiting in line for the ferry and we all became friends with her by the end of the ride.

Day 8: Teatro Colon Performance

On the eighth day, we spent the day doing volunteer work and in the evening we got tickets to a Beethoven performance at the Teatro Colon theater. The theater is the main opera house in Buenos Aires, and it is ranked third in the world!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Day 6: Floralis Generica and Empanada Cooking Lesson

After a half day of service, we had some free time and decided to explore the northern part of Buenos Aires. We visited an art museum that had some famous artists including Degas and Monet. We also visited the largest moving sculpture in Buenos Aires called Floralis Generica. It is a flower that opens during the day and closes at night in sync with the sun.

We had to rush to get back for Empanada cooking lesson. We learned how to make two types of designs and then had a competition for the most interesting empanada. Nico our guide was deemed the winner with his mate cup design.
We also learned about the traditional and widespread Argentina tea called mate. The sipping mate is very popular in Argentina (similar to coffee in the states) and can be comparable to a strong caffeinated herbal tea.

Volunteer Work

We started volunteer work on Day three, through Voluntario Global, at a local kindergartens and taught kids about gardening and the importance of healthy nourishment. This is our third trip to Argentina with the same community schools, and each time we are able to build on the relationship that was established in previous years.