Monday, September 28, 2015

Day 12: Getting Home Part 2

Hotel San Jose treated us to a great breakfast this morning, stocked with eggs, pastries, and a fruit bar!

We packed up what we had taken out from the night before and got ready for check out. 
After having to make a lengthy call to United Airlines to ensure that all of our ticketing information was correct for our flights later that evening, we decided to fit in some last minute sightseeing to the Temple of the Sun. We took advantage of being outdoors in the cool winter weather since we were heading back to the triple digit temperatures of Texas the next day.

This time around, we had much better luck with our flight from Cusco to Lima. Once in Lima, we had a fairly long layover where we were able to enjoy a meal from a few of our favorite American restaurants: McDonald's and Panda Express!

While the airline attendants boarded us onto the plane much later than expected, we were finally on the plane that would be heading back to Houston! Our time in Peru has been a life changing experience, and we gained friends in each other and all the people at Milhouse and Niños.

 The trip has helped us to better appreciate not only the Peruvian culture, but our own lives here in America. We look forward to another service abroad trip next summer and can't wait to see where we go next! Until next year, adios! 

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