Monday, September 28, 2015

Day 10: A Surprise Day with the Kids

After another peaceful morning at Starbucks, we set aside a plan for the day, full of sight seeing and getting to explore different parts of Cusco. As we were walking out, we were pleasantly surprised when most of the kids at Niños showed up at our doorstep at the hostel to spend the day with us!

We first took them to the chocolate museum, where we each exceeded our quota of chocolate and sugar for the day. The kids had a blast with the chocolate fondue and loved trying all of the different types of sweets they had.

After a bit of relaxing in the Plaza de Armas, enjoying the beautiful weather, we decided to take them out for pizza for lunch! We shared some more laughs and really enjoyed getting to see them for a whole other day.

With some kids getting tired and others still wanting to play, we decided to head back to the hostel for the afternoon. There, we played some ping pong and then watched a few movies in the theatre room upstairs!

After the sun started to set, we walked them to the bus stop where they would get a ride back home. It was inspiring and heart-warming to see them all walking in a group and watching out for each other in in the crowded streets of Cusco. After another round of tough goodbyes were exchanged, we parted ways in hopes of keeping touch in the near future.

We spent our last night in Cusco having a wonderful peruvian meal that ended with a fabulous tres leches cake. The staff at Milhouse even decided to throw a going away party in our honor, which was so sweet of them. Over the past week, we had gotten to know them all so well, and we were all very sad to be leaving them tomorrow. We enjoyed the listening to the live music and dancing the night away!

Stay tuned for our very eventful trip back home to Texas!

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