Monday, September 28, 2015

Day 11: Our journey back to Texas... or so we thought

The morning started off with lots of packing and trying to fit all of our new souvenirs into our suitcases. It was definitely quite a challenge!

After a week of wanting to try a local Peruvian delicacy, we went for lunch at typical Peruvian restaurant. While our main meals consisted of wonderful grilled items, we decided to also order one Cuy, or guinea pig for the table. It was an experience we didn't necessarily enjoy but definitely will remember.

We were then able to fit in a quick nap back at the hostel before having to say our goodbyes to all of the staff at Milhouse! Milhouse was such a wonderful place to stay, and it now feels like our home away from home. We are looking forward to coming back in the near future for more adventures and fun!

After loading the bus in the middle of the street with record-setting speed, we headed for the airport!

Minutes before we were supposed to board our 5 pm flight, we got tragic news that our flight to Lima had been cancelled and that no more flights were leaving till the next morning. We sprinted down to the baggage claim to get our luggage and ran into the line that would hopefully book us a flight as soon as possible. Once in line, we then got news that our flight from Lima to Houston was also cancelled, leaving us stranded in Peru for another day.

Four hours later, we finally got new plane tickets and a hotel for the night. By that point, we were all exhausted, hungry, and just wanted to rest. We ate a late dinner and turned in early. While we were hoping to be back in America by that point, we were thankful to have a nice place to stay.
Hopefully our luck will be better tomorrow as we attempt to get back home again!

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