Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 3: The Tigre Delta

Our Big Day Out on the River

Early on Sunday morning we headed out to explore the Tigre Delta--a river with a series of islands scattered throughout the area. We took the train straight from Buenos Aires to Tigre, and when we reached the river, we were amazed by the size and length of it! In order to reach the Bonanza ranch where our activities were to be held, we had to ride a ferry boat all along the river. This ferry acted like a bus and stopped every 5-10 minutes to drop off residents and visitors along the river. The beautiful boat ride was only the start to our big day out on Tigre!

The weather was amazing, and it was the perfect day to be out on a ranch. Once we arrived, we were all amazed by the size and beauty of their property. The Bonanza ranch had horseback riding, canoeing, and an 1800s style home that was absolutely incredible! 

Of course, we first had to eat our delicious Argentinian-style barbeque--complete with beef, chicken, sausage, salad, and delicious bread. The ranch even prepared the meal right beside the river so that we could enjoy the view as we ate! 

After a delicious and hardy meal, we explored the property, played on the swings, and even played a game of ping-pong. As soon as the horses were ready for us, we took off running! While some of us were a bit anxious to start, after we saddled up, we took to the horseback riding like natural 'Texans.'



During our 45-minute ride around the property, we somewhat struggled to get our horses to 'gallop', but once we got them going, it was hard to believe how fast they were capable of going! After our exciting ride through the beautiful countryside, we quickly ran onto the ferry to make sure we would make it back in time! It was a gorgeous afternoon full of laughs and smiles, and we were all once again amazed by how beautiful Argentina is! After the ferry ride back into town, we walked around the market for a bit, admired the traditional crafts, and then headed back to the train! Once we got back to the Hostel, we enjoyed another delicious dinner, and went to bed early--Monday was our first big day of volunteering!

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