Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 10: Shopping and Fuerza Bruta

Shop 'til you Drop! 

One day of shopping is never enough in Buenos Aires, so we set off to San Telmo, one of Argentina’s largest and oldest street markets.

The market went on for as long as could see – and even beyond that. Street vendors sold all kinds of souvenirs, antiques, and art pieces. They were so creative with their products; we saw recycled bottles being sold as wall decorations, watercolor paintings of Buenos Aires’s most famous landmarks and many, many, llama sweaters. We wanted to buy everything!

We practiced our recently learned bargaining skills to try to get the best prices we could. Trying to communicate with the vendors in our broken Spanish was challenging, but definitely fun!

After several hours of shopping and walking up and down the market, we headed back to the hostel to drop off all of our goodies. After a quick break, we took the subway to the famous Recoleta Cemetery. There are many renowned individuals buried there, including Eva Perón!

We walked around for a bit looking to see if we recognized any names, looking specifically for Eva’s tomb. We saw many different sepulchers of all shapes and sizes. Some were old, some were newer and some were filled to the brim with generations and generations of coffins.

The cemetery was eerie, a little bit scary, but also breathtakingly beautiful. With ten minutes until closing time, we ran around the winding paths trying to find Eva’s burial place. Unfortunately, we had no luck finding it but that’s even more of a reason to come back next year!

After dinner, we headed to the Recoleta Community Center to see Fuerza Bruta, the #1 most recommended attraction in Buenos Aires. Several other hostel guests recommended this show to us and we were so excited to see what all the fuss was about. The only thing we knew was that it was some sort of artsy, interactive show that makes the audience part of the show.

All I can say is that the show did not disappoint. It’s very hard to put it into words just how exciting and different this performance was. There were dancers and actors on treadmills and there was even a pool that was lowered down from the ceiling with performers swimming inside it. The audience was constantly moved to make way for all the different props that were used during the show. The performers were on harnesses and were lowered to the floor where they would interact with the audience. The show ended with rain falling down on the audience as we all danced to some funky electronic beats.

Fuerza Bruta is such a strange, complex show that everyone must witness. It will change the way you look at performance art and will make you fall in love with Buenos Aires even more!
Here is a photo of us with one of the stars of the show!

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