Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 2: La Boca y El juego de fútbol

Exploring the colorful streets of La Boca

Early Saturday morning we took the city bus with Cynthia and our tour guide, Carolina, to the colorful streets of La Boca--a neighborhood once settled by Italian immigrants. It was a beautiful day to explore the bright culture and stores that this town had to offer. From shopping, to testing our Spanish skills at a local restaurant, La Boca made for a perfect Saturday morning!

La Boca's Soccer Stadium

In order to fully understand the richness of the "La Boca" neighborhood, we traveled to the soccer stadium where the famous player Maradona led his team! This experience was only a taste of the beloved sport we were soon to experience first-hand. 

Independiente vs. Defensa y Justicia 

On the night of our second day, we finally got to experience the sport that all of Argentina is in love with--fútbol! We joined Cynthia and a few other travelers from the hostel at the Club Atlético stadium in Avellaneda for an important match up between the home team, Club Atlético Independiente, and Defensa y Justicia. The stadium became packed right away as the fans flooded in, covered in red and ready to cheer on their home team. We even painted 'Independiente' flags on our faces to show our support for the team! This soccer game was a key part in our experience of the Argentinian culture, and from the chants, to the screaming fans, we found ourselves constantly caught up in the game and ready to defend our new favorite team! We all couldn't help but cheer and hug each other when they won 2-1! This win for the home team secured their position in a chance to move up to the top Argentinian league, and we couldn't be more excited for them! 

After a long day of exploring and cheering, we returned to the hostel for a delicious victory dinner and the chance to plan for our next big day in Buenos Aires!

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