Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 7: Back at Jardín Travesuras

Let the construction begin!

Day 6 of volunteering led us back to Jardín Travesuras for an intense day of work. We were joined by several other volunteers from the Voluntario Global house to build a fence and a brick garden in which delicious and healthy fruits and veggies will be grown.

We learned how to mix cement (which is much harder than it seems), we also learned the delicate and complex art of bricklaying, and how to build a fence from scratch. Agustín, the construction worker on site, was very patient and excited to teach us his ways. All these tasks were daunting and took time to get used to, but after a while we all felt like professional handywomen.

The little children would often leave their classrooms to look at the progress we were making and were astonished at how different their patio looked! They would run over to us, hold our hands, and ask us where the beautiful fence that suddenly appeared came from.

Once the fence was in place, it was time to paint. Lorena jokingly said that she wanted the fence to be red and white because those were the colors of the River Plate team, which she is a huge fan of. After much deliberation, and quite a few painting mistakes, we ended up choosing red and purple as the paint colors. 

Once we finished, we could see how the fence added a burst of color to the patio, and to the neighborhood in general. Everyone was excited about the new additions to the patio, and we headed back to Milhouse tired and ready for bed.

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