Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 11: Adios Argentina

The End of a Journey

It was a somber morning for us all, as we slowly packed our bags and said our last good-byes to an incredible vacation, service opportunity, and life-changing journey. With a later flight, we had a few hours to spare and spent our last day enjoying the city's wonders. We enjoyed a delicious brunch (complete with dessert) at a cafe we had been dying to try all week. The inside of the restaurant was beautiful, and we couldn't be more satisfied with our large, but sadly last, Argentinian meal. 

After our delicious brunch, we soon said our good-byes to Natasha, as she was headed on a different flight to visit family in Ecuador and Peru. With a few hours to spare, a small group of us went to visit the Congreso Nacional--a beautiful monument we had passed by earlier but didn't get the chance to see up close. We were amazed by the beautiful architecture and the fountain's similarity to one of UT's own treasures: the Littlefield Fountain. We knew a little piece of ourselves and Texas would always be in Buenos Aires. 

Once we returned to the hostel, we grabbed our bags and headed for our ride to the airport. This service abroad trip was an incredible experience for each of us, and the memories we made will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Buenos Aires had become our home for a week, and by the time we left, we were starting to believe it was always going to be.

From the start, the service project was always the main focus of our trip and every day we spent at the Jardín Travesuras, we knew we were making an impact on the lives of so many young children. But as much as they learned from us, we learned so much more from them: the value of hard work and the appreciation that comes from receiving a good education and warm meal every day. Another year, another successful service abroad trip for the Women in Natural Sciences organization at the University of Texas at Austin! 

Adios y Hook'em!

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