Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 9: Tigre Delta

A Day on the River 
We woke up early and took the train all the way to the Tigre area. The Tigre Delta is a place where Argentinians can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax along the river. We all got so excited when we saw the river and the awesome-looking boat that was going to take us to the ranch where we were going to spend the day.
 We bought our boat tickets and boarded. There are hundreds of islands on this delta (which is bigger than I could have ever imagined) and the ferry boat is the only way to get to them unless you have a private boat of your own. The ferry acted as a bus, it stopped every 5-10 minutes to pick up or drop people off.
 After about an hour ride, we finally arrived to Bonanza Ranch. It was absolutely gorgeous! Roxana, the owner of the ranch welcomed us and showed us the grounds. There was an enourmous, 1800s-style house, horses, a zipline and ping pong tables. We ate the best barbeque ever (Argentina is famous for its meat industry, especially when it's grilled). The food was amazing and we even got to choose between chocolate cake, flan, and a fruit salad for our dessert.
After lunch, we each went off in groups to start our adventure on the delta. Some of us decided to go horseback riding, some of us ziplined, some canoed down the river and some chose to walk on the scenic trails. The horseback riding portion of the day was awesome! We were out for about an hour and got to see how huge the ranch was. Being in the ranch was so much fun. At about 4pm, we took the ferry back to the train station and made our way back to the hostel for our farewell dinner party.

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