Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 7: Last days in José León Suárez

Empanada Day!
Our service project is ending tomorrow. We still have a lot to do, so Mariano and Pedro, who also works for Voluntario Global came by to help us with the heavy lifting.
After some of the cement dried, we painted the back wall of the yard white and finished decorating the playground. We put the finishing touches on the tire planters and finished the last couple of chairs that we had to clean, sand, and paint.
For lunch, those assigned to the kitchen used the skills we learned in our cooking class to make empanadas with Esteban. He thoroughly complimented us because our empanada folding abilities were top-notch, even better than his! The children loved the empanadas and most all of them asked for seconds.
Tomorrow is our last day with Cecilia and the children, hopefully everything will be done by then!

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