Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 10: Back to the US

Don't Cry for Us, Argentina
It was time for us to leave Buenos Aires. We ate an early breakfast and took our bags downstairs. It was a quiet morning for all of us because we were slowly realizing that our time in Argentina was over. There would be no more empanadas, no more Milhouse Hostel, and we wouldn't be able to walk out into the street and see the building with Eva Peron's Face on it. 
We are going to miss everybody who made our stay in Argentina so wonderful. We have learned so much not only about the Argentinian culture, but also about ourselves. Mariano, Pedro, and Jimena stopped by the hostel to see us off and we said our goodbyes. As soon as we got into our airport shuttle, we immediately started planning our trip for next year. We can't wait to come back!
¡Hasta Luego, Argentina!

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