Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 3: Fútbol Tour

Soccer: The Argentinian Way of Life
Sunday is soccer day in Argentina! You can't say you have experienced  the  Aprojectrgentinian culture if you haven't attended a soccer game here. We took a bus to the Avellaneda area where Club Atletico's stadium is located. People were congregating outside, chanting and getting excited for the game. Slowly, fans in red clothing filled the stadium.We took our seats in the upper middle deck and waited patiently for the game to start. 
The game was between Club Atlético Independiente and Club San Martín. This game was hugely important because the loser would be relegated to the B division and the winner would cement its position among the best league soccer teams in Argentina. The stadium was filled to capacity once the players came out to warm-up. The chants and songs of these passionate soccer fans became louder and louder with every minute that passed by.
The game finally started and the crowd grew even louder. It was so fun to be around people who were that passionate about their soccer team. Even though we didn't know anything about the team we were rooting for, we felt like we were invested in the outcome of the game. We cheered and shouted when players missed shots, and hugged each other and celebrated when Club Independiente scored. 
We had the best time at the soccer game and felt like we experienced a huge part of Argentine culture. 
Armando, our driver and bodyguard for the day lead us back to the bus and we returned to the hostel for dinner. Today was definitely unforgettable and the most fun we have had in a while. We can't wait until the next soccer game!

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