Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 1: Buenos Aires Bound

Off to Argentina!
After a long 11 hour flight, we finally arrived in Buenos Aires. The weather was cold and crisp, very different from the humid heat of Texas. Dressed in our winter clothes, we were picked up by Melisa, our lively and charismatic tour guide for our time in Argentina. We all introduced ourselves and Melisa told us a little bit about her studies and what she does in the hostel. Once we got to the hostel, we were shown to our rooms and we washed up for dinner. 
Milhouse Hostel is a happening place. There are travelers from all around the world here; some who are backpacking, some who are South Americans on vacation, and lots and lots of Australians. We met Mariano, the handsome general manager of the hostel. He was so kind and warm as he welcomed us to Buenos Aires. We went up to the roof for dinner where there was a large outdoor oven cooking all kinds of delicious Argentinean meat and veggies for the non meat-eaters in our group. Argentina is famous for its meat, and now we can all see why. It was delicious! The quality of the steak and sausage we ate was amazing and the salads and bread accompanying the meal were tasty as well. After dinner, we went to our rooms to rest up for the next day. 

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