Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 3: Community Service Day

Building Trails and Enjoying the River
After a wonderful breakfast and the best coffee in the world, we set off to build a trail leading from the interior of the community area to the river. We carried heavy bags of sand from the river bed all the way up  
to the heart of the tribe. We set up an assembly line style of work, and efficiently paved the trail in record time! 
To reward ourselves from such back-breaking work, we all decided to go swimming in the gorgeous river after lunch. The water was perfect! The river was much deeper than it looked and everyone had a great time that afternoon in the water. After a very well-deserved shower, we all had dinner and slept like Costa Rican sloths from exhaustion. Tomorrow is our last day with the BriBri! After that, we head to the Caribbean Coast to learn about sea turtle conservation in Manzanillo. 

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